Want to be a Firefighter?

Looking for the opportunity to give back and serve your community?

The Elm Valley Joint Fire District is looking for new firefighters to join our ranks. 

We offer free training to qualified candidates and exciting

 entry level Fire Service opportunities.

 Apply today, go to the Files tab above and download an application.

 We look forward to talking to you soon!


In order to apply, you must be:

1. At least 18 years of age.

2. Hold a valid Ohio Drivers' License free from excessive violations.

3. Be in good physical condition and of good moral character. 

4. Be a High School Graduate or hold a GED.

How do I apply?

Fill out an application for employment. The Fire Chief will process your application, review your driving record and check your references. If you meet our qualifications, you will be invited for an interview.  Once you successfully pass the interview process and if you are a good fit for the Fire Department you will be scheduled for a background check and a Firefighter physical that includes Drug testing. All cost is paid by the Fire District. The final step is approval to hire from the Fire Board. This may sound like a lot, but don't worry will will walk you through the entire process.

If you don't have any current certifications, don't worry. We will provide for you Fire and EMS training and certifications, provide the necessary Firefighting gear and assist with continuing education. Download Application here

What will you be required to do?

After being accepted onto the Fire Department and if you need Firefighter training you will be scheduled at a state certified training facility. You must complete the training and receive a State of Ohio Fire Training Certificate.

Firefighters typically do the following:

  • Drive fire trucks and other emergency vehicles
  • Put out fires using water hoses, fire extinguishers, and water pumps
  • Find and rescue victims in burning buildings or in other emergency situations
  • Treat sick or injured people
  • Prepare written reports on emergency incidents
  • Clean and maintain equipment
  • Conduct drills and physical fitness training
  • Provide public education on fire safety

Where do I go to firefighting school?

There are many educational facilities in central Ohio that provide certified fire training. We will work with you to find you a school that best suits your schedule.

Various State Certified Fire Training levels offered: 

Volunteer Firefighter Certification

This course is thirty-six hours in length, and introduces the student to basic concepts, equipment and techniques. This course does not include fighting real fires. After successful completion the student may take the State certification examination.

Level I Certification

Level I certification requires a minimum of 120 hours training; the course provides comprehensive introduction and practice of basic fire fighting concepts and skills, and permits the students to practice the skills. Live fire training.

Level II Certification

Required for full-time paid (career) firefighters, this course is a minimum 240 hours in length. Additional practice of skills is included, and advanced rescue and prevention concepts are introduced.  Live fire training.


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